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Parent Support


Heartsbloom Psychology Centre offers counselling for preschoolers, school-age children and young adolescents who are struggling to cope, experiencing anxiety, or having difficulty navigating their home or school situations successfully. Counselling can help children and teens feel understood, gain confidence, learn coping skills, and develop strategies for problem solving through the challenges they face. 

Counselling approaches vary depending on the child's age and the concerns expressed. Counselling often involves exploring feelings, thoughts and relationships, and uses aspects of play therapy, discussion, art, games, and relaxation exercises.  I will listen with empathy and understanding, and support your child in developing their strength from within. And I will encourage you, the caregiver, to be actively involved in the process, as the primary cultivator of their development and growth. 

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When students are having challenges at school, a psychoeducational assessment can help gain a greater understanding of their learning profile, including areas of strengths and additional needs. A comprehensive assessment can support decisions about education, and provide learning plans or interventions for your child. The information from the assessment can also help guide you to resources or best advocate for your child’s needs within the school district. An assessment is often sought out for any of the following reasons:

  • Identifying learning disorders or other exceptionalities 

  • Giftedness

  • Attention or focus concerns (ADHD)

  • Challenges with behaviour

  • Concerns about overall development or language skills

  • School placement or program decisions 

  • Determining the appropriate learning supports or accommodations needed in the classroom

  • Transition planning for post-secondary education

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The Assessment Process


This appointment with caregivers is to gather background information, and discuss your referral concerns and expectations for the assessment

We will spend time directly with your child, completing activities that measure cognitive, academic and fine motor abilities

Assessment Sessions

We will discuss the results of the assessment, answer your questions, and provide recommendations for supporting your child's unique learning needs



We will provide you with a detailed and individualized report, including a plan for supporting your child at school and home

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Parent Support

Do you have concerns about how best to support your emotionally sensitive child? Fatigued by sibling rivalry in your home? Have a desire to better connect with your child or teen and understand the meaning behind their behaviour?

Parenting can be challenging and overwhelming at the best of times. Parenting support and consultation focuses on supporting caregivers to use their parenting instincts and expertise about their child to cultivate healthy developmental outcomes. Backed by the science of child development and attachment, you'll learn how to understand your child or adolescents' inner world so that you can make sense of their behaviour, feel stronger in your relationship, and guide their growth with confidence and composure.

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